I’m confused so can someone From Europe help me?


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This report scares me about France! I know from history this doesn’t look good!

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I remember hearing about that letter. It's certainly not good, but at the same time the context needs to be considered. I am not an expert on French politics, but there is a lot to be considered about the situation in France and around the world. The Guardian article on the subject, provided by Cheryl, is a good one and I think sums it up well.

There are elevated levels of support for the far right within the French military and so this letter should be seen in that light. It is not uncommon that elements of any state infrastructure within a country are right-leaning, by their very nature (i.e. preserving the status quo, rather than seeking change). When we see it within the military and police forces, we of course have to keep a very close eye. I don't think a coup is about to happen in France or that France is in quite the mess that the letter portrays, but of course it is concerning that the letter was written at all.

The National Front has been around in France for a long time; Jean-Marie Le Pen and his daughter, Marine Le Pen (who received ~34% of the vote in 2017...), have been in Presidential elections for many years. The growth in their support over the years is a concern and is a sign of discontent, but is not new.

The Le Pens have long targeted immigration and you're right that we have to learn from history. To use an example from the UK, rather than pointing at other nations, here is an article about parallels between how asylum seekers (refugees) are treated by the press in more recent times and how Jewish refugees were regarded by the press in the 1930s. Uncomfortable reading (e.g. see parallels at the end of the article) and a warning to us all... https://www.theguardian.com/uk/2002/jun/08/immigration.immigrationandpublicservices

We should also be aware of the context that support for the far right has been growing in many countries. The US, Germany, France, the UK, Italy, the Netherlands, Hungary, Poland, Australia, Russia, Brazil, and many others. During times of upheaval, economic hardships, and uncertainty, people look for simplistic answers to complex issues, such as someone to blame. It can lead to dangerous situations.
Oh, also... I've not heard of that "UK News" YouTube channel before and was a little suspicious. Keep in mind that it is possible it is not actually UK-based and that there may be an agenda. Keeping it short, the channel's posting history seems quite right wing and anti-EU, plus there are occasional spelling mistakes and they make use of a computer-generated voice instead of an actual British narrator. I'm cautious about who I might be dealing with online. ;)
I think France will be fine, legal action will be taken.

@Satcomer IIRC, you supported the invasion of Iraq in 2003. Still think that aggression was a good idea?
Know that as time goes by and we learn the facts of events that happened in the past, our opinions can and do change. Remember that what was known back then supported the actions back then.
We also have to differentiate from the gaslighting conspiracy 'theories' and the facts, especially in today's information overload of the internet.
I think France will be fine, legal action will be taken.

@Satcomer IIRC, you supported the invasion of Iraq in 2003. Still think that aggression was a good idea?

No, why would you think that?I was in Army and some friends FPS lost their lives in that thing! Plus I live not far from Canada and Quebec so it interesting to me!
If it might be of interest, I had a look and found some follow up articles, regarding the original letter and a new one:

Military court: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2...litary-court-over-letter-warning-of-civil-war

New letter: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-57055154

Army chief of staff urges soldiers to resign: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-57081846

Satcomer: It made me smile how you differentiated between Canada and Quebec. I imagine many Canadians do the same! ;)

My High School French Teacher whom taught me is from Quebec! She marrried an American and immigrated in America! I guess sense she was cool toward all of us I am interested in going on in France news!
It is worth noting that the far right in France did very badly in all the recent regional elections. As Bbloke says above, the far right have been around for decades and will never go away. However whether the far right will ever seize total power in France is doubtful despite all the scaremongering.

In UK the far right are currently in power, albeit they deny being on the far right (but they most certainly are).

The British (mainly English and Welsh voters - not so much the Scots) voted in the most right wing Conservative government in British history back in December 2020.

The Conservatives (also called the Tories) brought in Brexit and a wide range of right wing policies, including anti-immigration laws that treat asylum seekers like criminals. The Tories are incredibly corrupt and have been disastrous at dealing with the Covid pandemic.

The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, is another Trump and has a reputation for being a serial liar and a con man. The Tories under Johnson’s leadership are destroying the UK so don’t be surprised if Scotland decides to jump ship and leave the UK.