IMac G3 Classic Software Issue


Hi Everyone,

I had bought a used IMac G3 years ago and it wont let me start any games from the CDs I insert into it, when I go to start an application I get a weird error saying "There is no valid system software to start Classic. Please Consult the user documentation about installing the appropriate system software". What can I do about this?


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I am not sure if the last one is legal

Supported MacOS for IMac G3

Original OSMac OS 9.1 (Mac OS ROM 7.5.1) and Mac OS X 10.0.4 (4P13)
Later OSMac OS 9.2 and Mac OS X 10.1, 10.1.2, 10.1.3, or 10.2
Maximum OSMac OS X 10.4.11


Just reinstalling OS X, or running the OS X combo updater for 10.4.11 won't help with a Classic issue. Tiger supports Classic, but does not supply it. Classic (Mac OS 9) is a separate install.
To say this another way, Mac OS X does not include the install for the Classic environment. That OS 9 system would be on one of the restore CDs that came with the iMac - although you can (pretty easily) find an OS 9 system folder, which you can simply copy to the hard drive on the old iMac. It doesn't even need to be installed, just copied to the drive.