Installing applications on external drive.


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I have an iBook (specs below) and use an external firewire enclosure to store my iTunes library, some applications and all my games on and was wondering if having my games running from the Firewire drive will degrade performance at all?
Also what speed is the HDD in the iBook? Can it compete with a 7200RPM firewire drive?

Any info much appreciated! :cool:


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On my old Powerbook, I use a firewire drive for small shareware games with no hit (like PacMan clones, etc.). I have not tried big modern titles though but I feel those would not be as fast as on an internal drive.


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I currently have Quake III, Dungeon Siege, RTC Wolfenstien, UT2003 + 2004 Demo's and Sacrifice installed on there.

Quite big games...... :eek:


To answer your question about iBook HD speed, most iBooks have 4200 RPM drives, some may have 5400s, although those would be mostly in PowerBook models. The hard drive could be replaced with a 7200 RPM drive (getting inside the iBook the first time is a challenge, but do-able), although some people have heat concerns with the faster drives.


Yes, to confirm, my 12" G4 iBook has a 4200 drive from the factory (the 30 gig job) confrimed by GSX. To my knowledge, the 14" iBook's also have this drive.

Researched a little bit, and the average quoted speed of a 4200 internal drive is about 100mbit peak. Compared to FW's 480 peak... Seems like a no brainer that FW would be faster, especially with the added overhead of the 7200 rpm drive.

Hope that answers your question.