Intermittent Wifi


I can connect to my router using the laptop via wi-fi, but when I close the laptop the connection drops. When I log back into the laptop I have to manually connect back to the wi-fi.

I can't work out why this is happening and would appreciate any advice.


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Two things I would do:

1) Go into your list of "remembered" networks and remove that network from the list. Then re-join and try it out again. That will more than likely work.


2) Run Disk Utility to have it repair permissions on your boot drive and give it another try.


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I would like to pass an easy work around that will help 10.6, 10.7, 10.8. 10.9 & now 10.10 Just go into your System Preferences->Network pane and at top of the pane is 'Location'. Use the toggle bar to select to make a custom named Location or Edit to make a customer named Location. Just remember to 'Apply' and save your new Location. This will help mitigate any future wireless in OS X.
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Thank you Satcomer. I have done this. Cheers Rhisiart
Also be wary that some Retna Mac's have reported that with 10.10.0 that you have to use channels below channel 129 on non-Apple routers to work without drops. Hopefully this will get fixed soon.

Plus go into System Preferences->Network pane, Aiport card, Avanced and turn IPv6 to local-link only helps too.


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Thanks Satcomer - this is a very useful resource.
I found out a trick to get back slow data wireless and Time Machine madness. It's controlled by the discoveryd daemon . You have to restart that daemon while wireless is turn off. Then turn wireless back on.

This might help so try it with Activity Viewer if you dare.