IPhoto images link lost



I have a world of problems with my ibook, the latest of which is my images have gone from my iphoto. The albumns are still there, but the actual images are not, and the library says (0).

The images are (thank god) in the iphoto library... if that makes sense??

The link seems to have gone.

Also safari/ iphoto/ word/ itunes all 'uexpectedly quit' all the time and its reeeeeaallly slow. Ten minutes to open an application the timer wheel just spins and it wont respond. Aparently I have enough space...

Any ideas would be gratefully received...

When you click on iPhoto to launch, hold down the option button while opening the application. It will ask you to find the library. Good luck.
I have tried that and its open a window with my Iphoto library and the photos but it will not let me select any of the albumns???

Also each time I close the iphoto window i get the iphoto unexpectedly quit warning??

Could this be a bug??
Not likely a bug, but more likely a problem with a system file or a problem with the hard drive data.

Try creating a new user account, log in under that new account, and see if iPhoto and iTunes "behave" better... if so, it could be a problem with a certain file or files in your original user account.

Alternatively, try booting from the Mac OS X Install CD, and when it asks you to select a language for installation, instead go to the "Installer" menu (or one of the menus at the top) and launch "Disk Utility." Then, in Disk Utility, select your hard drive on the left and click "Repair Disk" (not "Repair Permissions"). It should find and correct any problems on the drive.

It may be wise to make a backup of anything you deem important (photos, music, documents, etc.) before doing this, as if there's trouble with the hard drive, Disk Utility may not be able to fix it. Worst case scenario, you'll simply have to re-install Mac OS X (not a big deal, just a nuisance), but it would be prudent to have backups of your important stuff.