Ipod Mod "Do not dissconnect"

Are you trying to change just the logo itself within the iPod, or are you trying to have it not show at all?

The only reason is does show up is when it's connected to your computer. This is to prevent any data loss from being disconnected without being stopped (on Windows) or unmounted (on the Mac).
Sounds cool, I don't want to erase my iPod again though, just so I can change the logo on my parents Windows machine. Has anyone heard of a Mac version?

(Based on the replies to the article, I presume no :()
I've seen something similar to this for macs can't remember where though. There were a lot of warnings scattered around the site about how it may damage your IPod though, my mini was new at the time which is why I didn't bother.
I found a utility that does the job under OS X. It's called iPodIcons and can be found here.

I replaced the "Do not disconnect" icon on my iPod with it, and had no problems at all.