iTunes 5 - What would you like to see?


With rumours flying around that the 5G iPods will be released at the same time as an iTunes 5, it occurred to me I wasn't really sure what could be added to iTunes to make it any more useful to me. It organises my music, thats about it!

Any of you guys got any things you'd like to see implemented or are you happy as is?
itms bookmarks. not just using the 'shopping cart' method - but real safari type bookmarking of pages...

also - amazon style 'page you made' in itms...

but thats about it really! - itunes is music management / a jukebox... i wouldnt want to see it become bloatware with features that move it away from its original purpose...
audio plugins? Like the ones found in Audion (still use it sometimes). Not exactly essential, but neat to have none the less.
The ability turn off Podcasts

More localised content

The ability to use other players than an iPod, i.e. export songs to a directory etc. on a Mass Storage device

Ogg Vorbis support as standard
What am I looking at? I just see photo iPods, is that just the standard iPod now? When they can play movies as standard, I'll think about it :)
• More advanced Smart Playlists, that allow boolean logic.

• The ability to edit a track's data in iTunes WITHOUT iTunes writing the new data to the file. I'd rather have it stored in iTunes' own database. It makes backing up a huge pain the way it is, because I there are all these liiittle changes in this biiiig files, so what can I do? Either I back up my entire music collection AGAIN (that's like 10-15 CDs), or I lose all the changed I've made to my metadata. I'd like an option to have it only write metadata to the files when you specifically tell it to. iTunes already stores a lot of metadata in its own database as it is, like play count, rating, etc.

• An option to add my OWN tags to files. There are no limits on what tags you can put in an mp3. Give me the ability to make my own tag, and specify its name and data type. And, of course, I'd need to be able to display these custom tags in the main song list and use them in Smart Playlists.

• Smarter Party Shuffle, please! Whenever I turn the "play higher rated songs more often" option on, its selection quality goes straight to hell. I get the same track listed 2-5 times in my 15-song playlist! Sheesh! It should have a rule (at least as an option), to never have the same track repeated twice in the same visible list.

• I'd also like to be able to re-order randomly-ordered playlists the same way I can in Party Shuffle. There's really no reason this shouldn't be possible. The advent of Party Shuffle made the absence of this feature much, much less annoying, but it still ought to be there.

• Fix the weird behavior of dragging the active track in Party Shuffle. As it is, there's NO WAY to move it later in the sequence. If you drag it, it just pushes all the tracks you dragged it over onto the other side! Aaaah! That's totally unintuitive and not helpful at all.

• The ability to MANAGE the authorized computers attached to an iTMS account. The whole "be sure to de-authorize your computer before re-initialize your disk" business is bullshit. The only time I reinitialize my disk is when I can't boot, so how the heck am I supposed to de-authorize it?!?!? I filled up my entire account this way. Sure, you can email Apple Support and get them to fix it (which I did), but why should you need to? You should be able to at least SEE the list of authorized machines, if not edit it manually. I mean, for all I know someone has authorized their machine behind my back.

• Options to define how iTunes auto-names/sorts files. I hate the way it does it as it is, so I do all my sorting myself, but that's more of a hassle than it should be, and it's just simpler if the track data and file names are always in sync, which is just too hard to manage manually all the time.

• The ability to run visualizers as desktop backgrounds. :) I can do it with screensavers (with the help of Backlight 2), so why not iTunes visualizers?
Smart Visualizations! I know this doesn't sound like much but it's something I've been wanting for quite a time
Stridder44 said:
Smart Visualizations! I know this doesn't sound like much but it's something I've been wanting for quite a time

Yeah, the visualisations have always been a secondary feature in iTunes. In WMP, you can tell how important they are because they take up such a massive amount of the window. I personally think they're gimmicky though.
but in WMP they are awful. i want an itunes viz screensaver - i rarely use the vis as i can't do anything else while "vizzing", and i hate it when the screensaver (colours, fluid etc) doesn't respond to the music. itunes viz screensaver.

also - new, core image, full openGL visualizer. blow people away with it.

Browse: pick what category of tag to browse - not just genre, arstist, album.
HomunQlus said:
Maybe the next version will be 4.10 ?
4.10 < 4.9

But that doesn't stop some companies from using that kind of numbering system. And losing customers by doing so, too. I didn't upgrade Snak for many months because I thought I was looking at an outdated version of the web site with an older version than I had. I even started looking into alternatives because I thought development had died (and reverted!).

I am strongly in favor of numbering systems that make proper mathematical sense.

But then again, I overreact to a lot of little things like that. And of course it doesn't mean Apple wouldn't name it 4.10. It just means I'd bitch about it a lot if they did. ;)
how is 10 less than 9?

it doesn't say 4.1, it says 4.10.

however. not many products have their first point number go above 9, for confusion reasons.

i mean. what if we had 10.3.10?

then you'd have people who can't tell the differnce between 10 and one getting confused.
In math 4.10 would be the same as 4.1 which is less than 4.9. However, the period is not used as a decimal place but rather to separate major and minor version numbers.

4.10 signifies it's major version 4 and minor version 10. Minor versions being minor tweaks and enhancements and major being anything that would be a huge change to the application.