iTunes .. disable permanently ratings and genre?


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Can I choose to disable the options of genre and ratings for ALL the mosic that I have now and that I will EVER put to my iTunes?

I just so deeply H A T E when I find 4 tracks of the same song when e.g. 1 is clssified as classic, 1 as latin, 1 as world .. and so on. The same track!

I do NOT want to have at all the rating - it is my music so i really don't care - and the genre - it really breaks my balls.

If I choose all songs, and apple-j, I can choose to not show the genre or rating, but do they still exist in iTunes??? I want to completely disable them! I hate multiple tracks of the same track :mad:

And is there around a remove-all-the-dumb-duplicate-tracks thing??? I hate when I have e.g. a Metallica track .. and then a Metallica (an empty space after metallica) and a metallica tracks .. in 3 different folders! I REALLY want a remove-dumb-duplicates-program or apple script or if tehre is no, I want to write one ... :( :mad:


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I'm with you on that one, I'd like to see a little program for hunting down all the duplicate songs. Preferably something that finds near matches and displays them in a way that you can simply select which to delete. For instance:

Band - The Debut Album - Hit Song
Band - The Greatest Hits - Hit Song
Band - Best of the Blues (Disc 2) - Hit Song

Anyone who has a large music collection would appreciate this sort of functionality.


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You can get rid of the genre and ratings by selecting all your songs and doing a "Get Info" by pressing Command-I. Then, you can check the checkbox next to "Genre," make sure it's empty, then hit OK. This will just make all the songs have an empty genre field.

MP3 Rage has a lot of features for handling and renaming MP3s:

You may be able to run a rename according to ID3 tag, then remove the files with exact duplicates.