Keyboard shortcut for selecting...


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Not sure why I can't find this shortcut... surly it must exist:

Selecting multiple files in a list. Windows shortcut is:
ctrl-alt-shift +click
example: selecting multiple files in iTunes. I know I can hold command and click each file, but if its a long list there must be a faster way to select multiple files.
Command + A selects all files.

I've searched the forum and a variety of shortcut lists, but can't seem to find it. Am I missing something really simple here?


In Geostationary Orbit
Open System Preferences -> Keyboard & Mouse and the select the pane Keyboard Shortcuts. There you and click on the + button and make any keyboard shortcut your heart desires.


If the files are contiguous, then click the first one, and shift-click the last one. All files in between will also be selected.


... somewhere in B.C. ...
YES!!!!! Thanks DeltaMac .... I've tried so many combinations... would have saved a lot of time cleaning up my photos and music that way. Thanks again, one shortcut I won't forget!