LaCie 320 GB Big Disk Extreme Problems - Please Help


I have a LaCie 320 GB Big Disk Extreme with triple interface (FW400/800/ USB 2.0) and for the last month the hard drive would turn-off on its own with Mac OS X displaying a warning about improper device removal. Yesterday afternoon it turned-off for the last time. There was a slight burnt odor from the back of the hard drive. When the power supply, a brick on a string, is plugged into the hard drive, the green LED is dim and blinking. When the power supply is unplugged from the drive, it is a solid bright green color. I'm thinking that the data on the drives is OK, I've never had any data loss frmo the drive turning off unexpectedly, but likely some component on a logic board burned out.

What are the chances of data recovery for this drive? Is LaCie very reputable for repairing its hard drives? I contacted LaCie's technical support site yesterday, no response yet, but I do know that LaCie DOES NOT offer data recovery services. Does anyone know what the going rate for data recovery is these days should something more serious be wrong with the drive? Does anyone know of any comanies that can recovery data from Macintosh hard drives?

This is very important that I get the data from this drive, my masters thesis is on this drive, and I'm not graduating without the thesis.

All suggestions are welcome.

I've heard of problems with LaCie drives unmounting/refusing to work because of underpowered or sub-par quality power adaptors.

First thing's first: call LaCie and see if they'll give you a new power adaptor, as this is a pretty well known issue with their d2/Big Disk line of drives. It could be that all you need is a working power adaptor and the drive will function perfectly again... then again, maybe not, but it's worth a shot.

I can recommend if the drive is truly fried... the price will be a lot, to say the least -- anywhere from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars, but a thesis may be worth it.
I just spoke with technical service at LaCie, the gentleman said for me to send the drive first to for data recovery as LaCie will only repair of replace hardware components. I asked if LaCie can try to get the hard drives to power-on and if not, to send the drives back to me for data recovery. He said that scenario is do-able, but I have to stipulate in a letter attached to drive that I NEED THE ORIGINAL DRIVES BACK FOR DATA RECOVERY. The better part of this is that this is a warrenty repair. Whew! It's looking better.

Thank you for your response.


From the LaCie technical service representative, all LaCie Big Disk Extreme series of hard drives are striped RAID systems, i.e. two hard drives with a half of a file's data split on two hard drives. quoted 96% to 100% data recovery from a 320 GB striped RAID system, provided the heads did not crash into the platters, for $2,500 to $4,500. I did not ask how I would receive the recovered data.