Lacie Porshe HD problem


It all started at 3......
I started having problems with my Lacie external firewire hard drive yesterday. It would mount on my desktop but every time I tried to open any folder it would just produce this really loud clicking noise, and then the spinning wheel would appear and wouldn't disappear until I turned off the computer and turned it back on again. So I tried running Disk Warrior to see if there were any problems and although at first I wasn't able to produce a graph, I was able to rebuild the drive and it then it worked fine. However, although it is working again now, it is definitely slower in performance than it was before and I am still hearing this very audiable clicking noise in it from time to time which I've not really noticed before. Sometimes it will even start clicking when I'm not even using anything from the drive, it's a bit strange.

I have only had this drive for about two months and was wondering if this could be the first signs of it starting to fail? I haven't had any problems with it up until now but it certainly doesn't sound very healthy.

Any advice?

Thanks in advance.

Two months old? Call Lacie tech support.

I am very suspicious of any unusual mechanical noises from any hard drive. Clicking usually means that the drive is trying (very hard) to find data on the drive. Do not wait if you have important data on this drive.
I have heard many many bad reports of those porsche drives, both online and from my friends (3 friends have them, 2 failed within a couple of months). Like Delta said, back it all up and call Lacie tech support. If you can, I'd try and get a refund and swap for a more reliable disk.
Hi guys,

Thanks for the replies. You're correct, I'm going to try and get my money back for it. Which models would you recommend? Are the D2s any better? And also, does anybody know the telephone number to call Lacie in the UK? I have had a look-in in my information and online and can only find an e-mail contact form. I would prefer just to call them as I find making contact with companies through e-mail rarely get a response.

Thank you.

The d2s are excellent drives. The "Porsche" drives are their "value" drives, and as such, don't use the high-quality parts that the d2 drives use -- plus, as mentioned earlier in the thread, the Porsche drives are notoriously low-quality and many people have had problems with them.
Thanks, I've contacted LaCie this afternoon and asked if I can upgrade and pay them an additional cost to do so. I'll just wait for their reply now....