Look again

I have used this desktop from InterfaceLift for a couple of months now.

After a gallon of Robinson's English Ale tonight, I have just noticed something in the photo that I had missed before.

Spot it?


Not being a drinking man, I did notice a bridge in the picture. Is that it?
(sorry, couldn't resist :) )

I can't quite make it out, but appears to be a dog lying in the grass near the white bit of trash. What else?


I'm cool, I have a mac.
I see that the bridge post thingy is bending a little foraward and the land is curved. I also see what looks like a hole cut into the rock.


Staff member
I can see some shapes that, when drunk and viewed from further away, might look like a Mac cursor. What do you mean, rhisiart?
A major accident. Look at the cars below the nearest vertical bridge support.

I am sure the photographer was just there to take a picture of the bridge, not realising that there was huge car pile up.

P.S. Fryke, I spotted the cursor too, albeit it was a bit blurred. :)



I will have to try some of the ale because I don't believe there is an accident.

I see mainly shadows from the tower truss and cables. Golden Gate bridge is very heavily traveled and unless the photographer clicked right as two cars bumped, you would see significant back-up in just 10 to 15 seconds thereafter.