Looking for Rhapsody's Screenshots.


I had installed Rhapsody DR2 on an old PC but removed it. I was really excited by this OS, so does anybody has screenshots of it ?

I imagine that would be a heck of a lot better than running Windows, even if it is a developer release. ;-)
Yeah, it's sweet! Plus there is nothing like the looks on people faces when they see an IBM ThinkPad running a MacOS (or the look of my friends the first time a pulled a the ThinkPad out of my bag only to see Rhapsody boot up :D )
I still don't understand why Apple stoped this project. That would have been very exciting to have the same OS both on Mac and PC.
I still have my Rhapsody DR2 x86 CD, I hope virtual PC will be ported soon to Mac OS X :D

If Apple had pursued that project, the company would have most likely gone under. Due to the fact that PCs have been historically cheaper and more of the market share is dominated by PCs, Apple would have appeared to have been abandoning its own hardware---and thus software.
Yes, but in comparison with a PC, a Mac is a lot more "strong". It is very powerful, and for a server, a G4 is a lot better than a bloody Pentium, isn't it ?

Rhapsody for Intel was dropped because of a lack of software from developers (and in the end Rhapsody for PPC fell to the same problem). Even though many of the early developers were coming from working with OPENSTEP on Intel hardware, by the time DR2 was released most of them has stopped making Intel version of their apps (strangly this also happened with Yellow Box for Windows). Apple decided in the end to release Rhapsody with a suite of server apps attached and call it Mac OS X Server, and then went back to work to produce Carbon to try and please the long time developers. A Mac OS X for Intel today wouldn't have "Classic" (Rhapsody for Intel didn't have Blue Box), and wouldn't have the Carbon support for most ported apps (unless they were maybe created in Project Builder). That would leave primarily Cocoa apps, which is not enough to over come the Applications Barrier (the same barrier that ended Rhapsody).

I still run Yellow Box in NT 4, but it is mainly for effect.


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I missed Rhapsody so much that I finally installed it in Virtual PC. That is such a good OS. Should I use it instead of Linux as a gateway ? :rolleyes:
Don't remember if it supports dhcp and "ip forwarding" ...

I think it's worthy to note that if apple went dual platfrom, then it would have the same as Be inc and NeXT.

Be made its own BeBox based on the PPC chip, but since it provided intel support people did not buy teh BeBox, and NeXT was making its own cube (based on the motorola 68xxx chip) but since NeXTSTEP was also made for Sparc, x86 and PA_RISC people just did not buy as many cubes.

The face of the mac would be lost. Who cares about software only? The thing that matters is to have excellent software/hardware integration, not like all those winblows machines floating out there :)
btw, I just scored a copy of BeOS 5 pro from ebay :), teh CD is bootable for both PPC and intel. I wonder if I can install it now in VPC:rolleyes:
Here are some of the best places I've found to get apps for RDR2.




Not much at the Omni site, but there is the final 3.0 version of OmniWeb (which they dual compiled :D ) that has no expiration date, so you can use the current date on your system. Also for so reason PDFView works better that any of the OmniPDF betas (I don't get it myself, but they are beta versions). The first thing I put on every installation is the AppleMenuOptions.app (which Apple included in the final version of Server).

Have fun and enjoy!
The demo of Be would come up as greyscale for me in VPC and then freeze after I moved the mouse :( , not much of a demo. I even tried installing it on a couple PC systems I had access to with even less success. It is strange how picky it is about what type of video a system has.
I am hoping that the pro edition solves some of these probs.
Also it has a PPC version, so it can run n some 604 and most 603 chipsets.

I wonder how the heck LinuxPPC and SuSE get away with being able to make the Linux OS for the PPC platform and thus macs, and Be inc cannot do the same, well any other company that is willing to do so. It is because linux if opensource ???? :confused:
I think it falls into the lack-of-source area. Be is putting most of it's work into the Intel platform, and not as an alternative, but as a supplimental OS to Windows. I lost a lot of respect for Be when it took this tack.

"We're working to Be the other OS on your PC" :D
Thank you, I'll play with all the applications i've downloaded on VPC :)
But I still don't know if Rhapsody supports Ip Forwarding and DHCP as a client. And I didn't find AppleMenuOptions.app ... Where is it exactly ?

now that classes are over, and once I get my web site updated, I will have to look into teh rhapsody VPC HD that I have been overlooking for so long. I will have to get a PPP dialer in it so I can come online and say "I am posting this message from rhapsody and omni 3 " lol ;)
you can try RhapPPP (at: http://www.peanuts.org/peanuts/MacOSX/unix/connectivity/protocol/RhapPPP_0.9.1.m.PI.b.tar.gz ) I haven't tried it, but I have a copy in case I ever get a REAL service.

By the way pbreteau, nice shoots :D , I have it in VPC also, and it benches out at about the same (little faster actually) as a my pentium/133's on my G3/350, but it is the curser movements that make it feel slower than hardware. But hey, at least you can now have it all in one system.