Looking for Rhapsody's Screenshots.

Down with the establishment :p
Lets update rhapsody ourselves,
lets make our own apps,
lets launch it on the web like linux! :p

ha ha ha ;)


PS: Make sure you are anonymous if you do this because apple's attack dog lawyers will be after you ;)
Will they come to France to hunt me ? maybe not :)
Anyway, I was kinding. :cool:
#@$£€ Rhapsody which doesn't want to boot anymore !

LOL they are going to send the HPN at you :p (Hommes Portant Noir ) LOL ... the US equivilent in MIB :p ;)

Maybe they will wear black turtlenecks :D
When you start Rhapsody you get 10 sec to stop the start-up by hitting any key. When you get to the boot prompt type in config=Default, in other word when you're done you should have:

boot: config=Default

The other option is to boot in verbose mode (type in "-v" in the first 10 sec period) and see exactly which process is hanging you system.
"We should create a "Rhapsody-support" Web Site"

I think we just did :D ,

We should see if we can start a new forum on Mac OS X Server 1.x/Rhapsody, I'm sure there are plenty of people who are still using them after being out for a couple years.
Cool shoots pbreteau, I hadn't seen the normal RDR2 login screen in quite a while, I changed it on all my systems to a Mac OS X Server version.


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Very nice login window, I like it.
As I can see, a lot of people want a copy of Rhapsody :)
I haven't seen any copy of it on Hotline for a very long time ...

Which version of Rhapsody are you running exactly ? When I look at the screenshot you posted, I feel it doesn't look like mine :)

I havent seen one on hotline at all!
I once saw part of it on a carracho server called powerPC OS land but that server is MIA.
Actually, it the same as your, i just replaced the LoginPanel.tiff in the loginwindow.app with one based on the Mac OS X Server version (I also have one based on what the final Rhapsody login panel for Rhapsody 1.0 was suppose to look like).


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It this log in panel (premier release) a real one made by apple or was it something u made up ???

Personally friends have wondered how the heck my mac has retained its identity :p .... with VPC and all the x86 OSes, with all the custom icons in OS 9 and all the non apple OS schemes that I have lol they all wonder... then again all one has to do is pop the hood and gaze at the power of my G3 ;)

Admiralty --> the master of disguizes :p
RacerX, could you please send me the one that was supposed to be used to the final version of Rhapsody at : macosx at beuh.eu.org please ?

I actually found it in Rhapsody DR2 after playing with Apache one day. You should have it also, it is at:


I just "cleaned it up a bit in photoshop before turning it into a TIFF (using the actual login panel to center it), I'll see is I can find mine (I save it and my original... someplace).

(this is so much better than 'show-n-tell' when I was little!! :D )
I'm going to change mine with the ones you sent me. They are pretty nice, particularly the "Mac OS X Server"'s one.

Thank you again,
Having the Server login panel show up on my ThinkPad gets a better reaction from people than the Rhapsody one did :D
Originally posted by AdmiralAK
I think it's worthy to note that if apple went dual platfrom, then it would have the same as Be inc and NeXT.

Be made its own BeBox based on the PPC chip, but since it provided intel support people did not buy teh BeBox, and NeXT was making its own cube (based on the motorola 68xxx chip) but since NeXTSTEP was also made for Sparc, x86 and PA_RISC people just did not buy as many cubes.

The face of the mac would be lost. Who cares about software only? The thing that matters is to have excellent software/hardware integration, not like all those winblows machines floating out there :)

the BeBox was sold way before any X86 version of BeOS was available and by the time the X86 version was released the BeBox had been killed.

NeXTStep only ran on other platforms after it was proven that the Cube would not be a source of sufficient funds.

so you are wrong on both accounts.

btw, I just scored a copy of BeOS 5 pro from ebay , teh CD is
bootable for both PPC and intel. I wonder if I can install it now in VPC

nope. does not work with VPC.

it does however work extremely well on many old PowerMacs. I have it on my Performa 6360 and PowerMac 9500/180MP and it absolutely screams. especially on the MP machine.

I wonder how the heck LinuxPPC and SuSE get away with being able to
make the Linux OS for the PPC platform and thus macs, and Be inc
cannot do the same, well any other company that is willing to do so. It is
because linux if opensource ??

Be does not want to support a system that they had to reverse-engineer to get to work.

It's not that they can't do it. It's widely known in the Be community that they have several builds of BeOS running on PowerMac G4s.

with their current financial situation supporting a new architecture would not be wise.