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I'm considering buying a current Mac Mini (late 2012) to replace my late 2009 MacBook Pro.

I'd like to know if the on-board Intel HD Graphics 4000 will simultaneously support both a 1080p monitor and a Wacom Cintiq 12WX? I know I can attach both using the HDMI and Thunderbolt connections, but I'm asking more about performance. Is this asking too much from the Intel graphics chip?

The machine won't be used for gaming or (much) 3D rendering. Just general graphic design (CS5 / CS6) and web dev.

Any advice would be great thanks.
I can freely say you blew it by buying into the shame of Wacom! You could have gotten the same tablet form for drawing, etc. from Monoprice. Don't believer me? Just take a look at Monoprice 10"x6" Graphics Tablet in OSX Lion Line Test and see it working correctly.

For graphics the only "gaming" you be able to do are the Mac App Store ones. The Intel 4000 on board graphics will use the RAM you have installed, so get the maximum amount of third party RAM from the best price. Just make sure the RAM is guarantied!
I can also "freely say" that Satcomer is a little off base on this one.
The Wacom Cintiq is not at all similar to the Monoprice.
Both are good drawing/graphics tablets, to be sure.
But, the Cintiq is additionally a high quality display, with a full-featured graphics tablet built-in, providing drawing or manipulation of images directly on the screen.
So, the Cintiq is a video screen, as well as a graphics tablet (and lots of money to have that video function built-in.
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Thanks for the heads up, but maybe I was unclear? I didn't ask should I get a Wacom or a cheap alternative. I already know how I feel about Wacom vs the competition.

What I'm looking for is info about the Intel HD Graphics 4000 with both a 1080p and Wacom Cintiq12WX. Does the MacMini run OK with these peripherals, ie. is the Intel 4000 chipset up to the job or is there noticeable latency.
I suspect they'll position themselves somewhere between "yes, defintiely, buy our stuff" and "we can't offer any advice on 3rd party chipsets", but it's another line of enquiry and definitely worth a go.

Thanks Delta. Appreciated.

That should be a good question for Wacom tech support.
I did a google search and couldn't come up with anything conclusive.
I did run across this post. You may might want to bring that up when/if you call Wacom. Just to make sure that's not an issue.