MacBook Black 2008 Video Stream Hdmi sleep/shut down


On a MB 2008'penryn with 4 gb ram (just upgraded to try solve problem) with 10.7.5

When stream videos from web like or Netflix the computer first goes to sleep then when after wake it and plays few more minutes before shutting down

Went to apple store for hardware check and found all good

When I used to have Snow Leopard no problems at all

Other MBAs with snow leopard playing fine on the same tv (albeit using VGA not hdmi)




Tried but still sleep/shut down

In the previous OS 10.6 I installed cookbook for keeping machine running even the fan and temps were high - when using photoshop or video/music playing

Now cookbook not available for 10.7

Should I get macmini or other machine?


Is your MacBook getting hot, then shutting down because it's overheating?
Can you hear the fan running faster before it shuts down?
Try running an app that monitors the temps and the fan speed.
smcFanControl is a good one for that.
You could post back here with what you find out about fan speed and temps.

what exactly is "cookbook"?

Does your battery still keep a good charge? Maybe it's shutting down, because the battery is failing.


1 sorry spellcheck changed coolbook to cookbook, coolbook utility to keep machine run anyway even if overheating, I guess design not so good because I noticed machine always hot CPU at start is 85* heat sinks 70* fans 6200 rpm

2 battery is 6 months old original apple health 100%

3 yes fan gettin faster, actually is always running

4 I installed couple months ago the iStat and above are the current situations

Things is old MBA running 10.6 with coolbook no problem or other newer MBA just this black Mac used as video player


It's a bad idea to try to bypass the overheat.

Restart your MacBook, and do NOT open or run your normal software. Just let the MacBook sit for a few minutes.
What temp do you see, especially on the CPU and heatsinks?
You should not see any temps over about 40 C, and fan should be at idle (about 1800 rpm)

If the fan continues to run at 6200, be sure that the coolbook software is removed.
Reset the SMC, then restart and let your system idle again for 5 or 10 minutes.
What are the temps now at idle after the SMC reset?

If the temps are up over 70 C. - even after a few minutes at idle, then you should check that the cooling inlets are clear. Shine a light into the back, into the openings in the hinge area.
If everything looks clear from the outside, then you should also check inside, by removing the top case and making sure the fan is clean.
If everything seems clear, then the heatsinks can be removed, to re-apply the heatsink compound.


Opened up the top and sprayed dust remover

Closed and now working even if fan still always running and temps pretty high

No sleep/shut downs

Mysteries of technology

Thanks anyway and soon a replacement will arrive till then ...