Macbook Screen gray


my Daughter's Mac book goes to the Screen with Apple Logo then the logo turns to a Circle with a line throo it it say something Error Loading Kernel Mach-Kernel (0x12)
i got some info and it say to reinstall the Disc i dont have the Disc so what can i do


I do know that you were able to find your installer DVD, so you will likely need to replace the hard drive, as it sounds like it is simply not working good enough now.
The hard drive is not difficult to replace in an older MacBook, but you may be more comfortable in having the job done at an Apple service shop, or at an Apple retail store...
The reason that I say that is that I know you have some question about the fan working properly, and a shop can check that fan out to make sure it's working OK (and actually cooling your MacBook when needed)


we had to take the hard drive out to see what it was to find a new one the Apple store is a 40 minute drive and with no car just cant get there so we ben looking on line i just dont want to buy the hard drive and the LapTop still dont work i wish i could just buy a new Mac Book but i cant at this time