Max RAM for late 2008 MBP?


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Just signing up for Adobe CC but my late '08 MacBook Pro 2.4Ghz feels a bit old. It meets min req's, but I know it will struggle. I'm planning to replace it with a desktop for the extra power – either a Mac-Mini i7 quad, or an iMac 21'5" i5. I'm not sure which yet.

The MBP is not ready for retirement yet, so I want to spend a small amount of money to increase performance and keep portability.

Visiting the crucial site I found RAM & SSD upgrades for less than $300:

I have questions though:
I've read conflicting reports about max RAM capacity for the late '08 2.4 MBP. Will my machine take 8gb?
Any thoughts on Crucial: reputation; pros/cons?
Any info on Crucial M500 240GB?

Forgive me if this is old ground. I've read lots of reviews online but each seems to be an advertorial.... I'd really appreciate a less-biased opinion.



The RAM depends on which MBPro you have.
I'm guessing you have the 15-inch, Late 2008 (Model identifier MacBookPro5,1)
That has a max of 8GB (2 x 4GB), PC3-8500 SO-DIMMs
Apple says the max is 4GB - but OWC says 8GB. I trust that OWC info is correct. I also rely on Mactracker, which also says 8GB max.

Crucial has been selling RAM for a long time, and I don't recall reading serious complaints, but I respect their good service and tech support.
I have similar respect for OWC:

Crucial M500 240GB info:

anandtech has a review/test of that SSD.


Thanks. Any recommendations for a better SSD?
Better than what? The Crucial will be better than any spinning hard drive - considerably better.

If, on the other hand, you are actually asking for other recommendations - try the OWC site.

Look at what some other sites have available. There's a large variety of SSDs available.
Look at
Look at Amazon - there's quite a few there:
Many of those have customer reviews that you can check out.


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Opps. Apologies for any confusion.

I meant better that the Crucial M500. The anandtech review article you posted a link to didn't seem blown away by the M500, and given that the article was written way back in April (#fastMovingWorldOfComputing) I wondered if there was a specific SSD that I should be considering?

I guess what I should be asking is... Will any SSD work with my old MBP, or are there compatibility issues that I need to be aware of when comparing prices?


I think that if you want to be "blown away" by the performance of an SSD, then it's time to update your other hardware, too.
The current MBPro will give you 6 Gbps SATA. Your 5-year-old system is stuck with 3 Gbps - fast enough, but not state-of-the-art.
An SSD will be limited by the hardware that you choose to keep!
That being said - any SSD will be very noticeable increase in performance.
Your slower SATA bus will limit that increase, but it will still be very fast.


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It's not that I want to be blown away, it's that the guy writing the article wasn't. I'm pretty easy about it... just want the best ROI.

Thanks for the advice though. Appreciated!