Mimi Dvi Out


hello I have an older model imac, 15 in.lcd display, 3 years old, 700ghz processor, 256ram .My problem is it has a mini dvi video out port I would like to get working but the new hardware does not support my computer I was wondering if you could refer me ,to perhaps a place online I could find an older adapter , a used mac equipment website , any suggestions are appreciated , I seem to have exhausted most of my options. thanks .


The iMac flat panel does not have a mini-dvi output. The connector is a mini-vga, and the correct adapter to use is THIS ONE


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I think this is the correct part number: M8639G/A

Doing a search for that on the Apple Store site will help. I don't think we can link directly to it as the sessions time out after a few hours, like DeltaMac's.


thanks much for your help seems to be mini vga as expressed by deltamac,stay safe ElDiabloConCaca .druid.