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venkat krishnan


I am a window's user trying to get acquainted with MAC.

One of my friend wanted me to update his quickbooks in 2003 running on Mac OS 8.6. Since the user interface is similar to windows, I was able to update his quickbook files. I didn't take any external backups because the Mac had only a CD ROM drive and I didn't know to connect to the dial-up internet. However, I took a datafile backup on the same quickbook data folder.

Now, my friend get backs to me with a computer stating that he couldn't locate any quickbook file. I tried browsing through the folders and I couldn't file quickbook data folder/files. I could only find quickbook application and sample files, and some new applications,games etc.My friend swears that it is the same computer which was given to me 2 years ago to update Quickbook data files.

If it is the same computer, I presumed that someone would have deleted the files (which my friend might not be aware of). So, I tried downloading prosoft data recovery program( for Mac OS 8.6 and above) onto my window's laptop as I am unable to connect my dial-up internet directly to my dial-up internet.

1. I am unable to network my laptop and Mac.
2. I don't know how to transfer this file to Mac.
3. I don't know whether an USB drive will work
and problems with setup and different OS
4. I don't know whether this would help me
recover the files (if any) which existed 2 years ago. ( I find some new software being installed)

Please help

Thanks in advance.

4 - NONE of this will help after two years.

A USB external drive formated FAT32 can be read by a Mac
If you want to network the two machines, let us know what models they are and what systems they're running.
Hi Bob,
Thank you for prompt reply.

The system is IMac. I want to network with my windows xp laptop. I connected both directly and using a switch. IMac running on OS8.6 couldn't recognize any networks.

I met a IT pro at an IT workshop who has also worked on Mac. He cautioned me that IMac doesn't have USB port (which one port is used to connect keyboard and mouse) even though it looks like an USB port. So connecting an USB drive is ruled out.

He suggested that burning the data recovery software (downloaded from the internet ) onto a CD-Rom. Since, IMac OS is alway PC friendly, it should be able to recognize this file.

I haven't tried this one as yet. I am planning to try this tomorrow whether this works.

Thanks for your help.
The iMac was the Macintosh computer that introduced USB to the average home user in 1998 and was a major influence in USB adoption. Your iMac most definitely has a USB port -- two, actually. You may conncet a USB drive to your iMac easily.

I'm interested -- if your IT friend said that the ports on an iMac looked like USB ports but were, in fact, not USB ports -- what kind of ports are they, then?!
Hi El,

This IT guy at the IT workshop said that it was just a port to connect devices but it is not an USB Port.

Granted, if it is an USB Port , is it possible for me to dump a file into an USB drive from my windows laptop and transfer it to IMAC running on OS8.6.

1. After plugging my USB drive into so called USB Port, how do I go about getting the files into this IMac.

2. My main task here is to find out whether the folder/files I am looking for is deleted. Is there any easy way such as Undelete command (in Dos/windows) in OS8.6 to recover or atleast show these files existed and is now deleted.

It IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIS a USB port. Just believe us. The device - after connecting - will simply show up on the desktop.
venkat krishnan said:
Hi El,

This IT guy at the IT workshop said that it was just a port to connect devices but it is not an USB Port.
I hope this IT guy doesn't service Macintosh coputers or anything Macintosh-related for a living! Ouch. Knowing that the iMacs basically introduced USB to the Macintosh platform is key! ;)

Yes, as fryke said, it is a standard USB 1.1 port, the same as found on any run-of-the-mill PC. Newer Macintosh models have USB 2.0 ports, but the iMac most definitely has a standard USB 1.1 port.
I wonder if the guy is reffering to the FireWire port on the later iMacs (Rev C and on, if I'm not mistakin)

Which does not change the fact all iMacs including the first ones in 1998 have at least 2 USB ports
Hi All,

Thank you very much . As mentioned earlier, I am new to MAC environment. I will try plugging in the USB drive today.

Thanks for your excellent support.
First of all the abbreviation for an Apple Machine is Mac not MAC. Mac is short for Macintosh.
Hi All,

1. Sorry, for using all upper case for 'Mac'. It was a typo.
2. I tried the USB drive, and it works. I could see Flash Disk with manufacturer's name, under device tab in System Profile menu. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to figure out how to read the contents of the USB drive (flash disk). Besides, I don't have the device driver for this USB drive.