Mounting WinXP drive as Read Only


I'm purchasing one of those handy eSATA external docking stations so I can access data on old Windows drives. I'm concerned about not corrupting data from the drives and wonder if there is a risk of OSX writing to them. Do I need to mount the drive manually from the terminal command line to insure they mount as read-only or is it safe just to browse the drive?

I guess I need to learn about imaging alternative OS drives now that I am using a Mac all the time. I've seen the "dd" format laid out elsewhere and never bothered to read up on how it is used. I would guess this will create an image, similiar to an ISO on my Mac desktop.

I'd appreciate any wisdom you could share. Thanks



U.S.D.A. Prime
There's no danger in letting Mac OS X mount those drives for you.

Be aware that if you're talking about NTFS-formatted drives that they will mount as read-only anyway, since Mac OS X only provides read support for NTFS drives. You can circumvent this with a little Terminal work or by installing 3rd-party NTFS drivers.