my new workspace.


Very nice, Lt Major Burns. A very "clean" look to it.

Hmm, my desk is, errr, not quite as pleasant looking!

Lt Major Burns

"Dicky" Charlteston-Burns
i need tidy.



In Geostationary Orbit
I was thinking the proximity of you Mac and the wall heater might cause problems when coldness comes.


Shucks , I thought a Lt-Major with such a tidy desk was a retired officer with whom I could exchange souvenirs about Benghazi and Kuala-Lumpur , but I discover you are 22 years old ... I am 62 , sir , and travelled a lot in times when the word "hostage" was not even in use . I even was in Devon ( Torquay , Poole and Bournemouth ) in the 60' , yes sir , when at the dance-halls entries a post read "Forbidden to dogs and young french men" , and the local blockheads came in gangs wearing awfully tight jeans and bright knee-reaching frockcoats , which luckily hampered them a lot when running after us . But old ladies were so decent and so fresh in their mauve gowns , under their sunshades , along the Strand . And young ladies were so kind to us... Hell , the souvenirs did come up anyway , hey ? Bye-bye , & best regards to all brittons , Lt-Major !
PS : What do you need two screens in front of you for ?


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my new workspace.

You lucky, lucky, lucky....

The left-hand button on my Logitech MX Laser died ONE EFFING WEEK after the warranty expired... Went to buy another one and couldn't find one for love nor money. Now muddling through with a similar, but inferior Logitech cordless laser mouse, but still laughing smugly at all the fashion victims in the studio that are complaining like hell about RSI from using their Apple Mighty Mouse! :D