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    Apr 28, 2018
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    So, I work at a technology renewal and recycling company, and occasionally we get macs in. Being the resident mac genius (can you believe it? I don't really know that much...), my boss just came to me asking if we could boot a mac from the network. Basically we just want to network boot them to wipe the hard drives. Sadly enough, now, we just remove the hard drives and crush them. No goodnik, it makes me sad to see old macs go down like this.
    So is there a way to do a network boot without a mac server? Or is there a program we could use to wipe the hard drives securely?
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    Yes, maybe...
    Any Mac since 2010 can boot to Internet Recovery, where you can use the Disk Utility to format the internal drive.

    You just need a network connection, which can be wireless, and that network needs access to the internet.
    Boot the Mac, holding Option-Command-r
    You will see a spinning globe, rather than the usual Apple icon. It can take several minutes on some Macs to boot to Apple's servers, but you will be able to wipe the drive then, from Disk Utility available on the menu screen.

    (Older Macs can usually boot to a net-based server, but that means you would need to set that up on your network, maybe not something that would be practical for a recycling company :D )
    And, if your network is not normally connected to the internet, then my info might not be useful to you...
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