New to Mac


Glad to be here! After many years of Windows blue screens, we've (wife and I) finally converted fully to Mac and so far loving it. Only had our Mac's up and running for 2 days, so still figuring out how things work. We've had all the portable devices (pad, phone, pod) for a couple of years and can't imagine being without them. As we are getting used to the Mac's, I don't see us going back to Windows any time soon!
Welcome to the 'neighborhood'!
If you have questions, feel free to ask. I think you will find this forum has a lot of helpful folks.
Here are some suggestions:

1. Apple Switch Suggestions.

2. OS X Mountain Lion: The Missing Manual - highly recommended for new Mac users

3. MacUpdate - Great Mac collection of released software, updated daily

4. Acclerate Your Macintosh - great web site to see reader reports about 'upgrading their Macs'

5. MacWorld - great Mac news aggregating site

6. MACOSXHints - great site for tweaking your Mac, some really cool tips come by this site

7. MacRumors Buyers Guide to see when new Macs are listed to likely buy the new ones

8. OWC Store - Great place to get things for your Mac. One bonus is their lifetime warranty on RAM. I especially like their Install video section.