No .fig thumbnail in Finder


I just migrated from Ubuntu linux to MacOSX ML. Unfortunately, i have a huge library of Xfig images that i need to use in thesis writing in which MacOSX does not generate thumbnails in icon or cover flow view. This shortcoming has slowed down my writing process a lot.

Ubuntu does not support thumbnail generation for xfig images (.fig) either, but It allows me to write my own bash script for nautilus so that Xfig thumbnails will be generated in icon view. How can I do the same for MacOSX?
I believe that Mac OS X's icon preview works with only a few types of files, Xfig not included.

I don't think you're going to be able to get Mac OS X to do icon previews with .fig files.

Can you post the contents of your bash script that generates previews in Ubuntu? Perhaps it can be tweaked for Mac OS X, although the Finder and Nautilus are two different beasts and not compatible in any shape or form.
I'm thinking this seems like an inopportune time to move to a very different operating system...
Can you continue using Ubuntu, so you can more easily work on your thesis?
You could certainly dual-boot to Ubuntu on your Mac! I do that on all my Macs.