NTFS Formatted External HDD...can OS X Tiger read from it?


Here's the situation:

I'm a high school student, and for the school year we will be recieving Powerbooks. I don't know the exact specs, but I do know that they'll be using OS X Tiger.

I have a 200 GB external hard drive, formatted for Windows 2K Professional, SP4.

I want to listen to music and watch movies from my hard drive on my laptop.

Is this possible?

Thanks for your help. Perhaps I didn't search long enough, but I couldn't find any questions that had the same issue as mine (reading, but not writing).
If memeory serves me right, OS X will read NTFS but will not be able to write to it. I maybe wrong now though. If you ever want Mac/Windows information you should check out the site MacWindows.com. All they deal in is Mac to Windows and vise versa and that's all they do. They have been up for years now and have covered problems/solutions for a long time now.
Just confirming the fact that Mac OS X can read NTFS, but it cannot write to NTFS. Of course, this is all local limitations -- Mac OS X can both read and write to NTFS volumes being shared on a network (disk format doesn't matter over a network -- only protocol).
I purchased a Lacie Porsche drive awhile back. Hastly, hooked it up to my PB and started putting files on it. I got a bunch of errors, particular the drive did not support long files names. Then I realized the drive came default formated in Windows. In short, some files did get written to the new drive, and others did not. I erased and reformatted in OSX, and no problems.