opening pagemaker 6.5 docs in OSX (10.3)


i searched for some answers on this but couldn't find anything that was exactly the same as my situation. i have a mac g4. i used pagemaker 6.5 extensively under the 9.2 operating system. i upgraded to osX and am now having trouble opening/printing any of those old pagemaker files. i have copied them onto a memory stick from 9.2 and tried to open them in osx, but they come up as a unix document. how do i get these to at least just open in osx?

secondly how do i go about transferring my pagemaker documents to indesign? will doing this make any changes to the original pagemaker documents? thanks for any help.


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You need to use some other means other than a USB stick to transfer the files over. I'm guessing that your USB drive is FAT32-formatted, and some resource fork or something is getting lost.

If you reformat the USB drive as HFS+, you probably won't have this problem.

You could also network the machines and copy the files over that way.

InDesign, if I remember correctly, can convert and open old PageMaker documents. It's not a 100% process if you use incompatible layout elements, so you usually just want to open the document and give it a good visual inspection.


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I sometimes had to adjust text frame options after importing PageMaker 6.5 files to InDesign 1 and/or 2. But basically, you should still be able to run PageMaker 6.5 in Classic.