Operate Ipad From Mac

I have seen several different possible needs for operating (or at least providing input to) a Mac from an iPad, or other iOS device.
Running videos from your Mac, operating a control console, or using the iPad as a remote for several different types of activities, etc.
Often that is because the iPad is naturally a very portable device.

I expect the opposite would be possible, but can you offer a scenario where you would actually need to control an iPad from your Mac?
(I can't actually come up with one :confused: )
My scenario is, my Mac is at one end of the house, my iPad at the other, and I am not (yet) in the habit of carrying it around with me. Occasionally, but not often enough to make this issue terribly important, I want to run an iPad app for some info to use on the Mac without making the hike.
But, it's simple to make your info from the iPad available from your Mac already. That's a primary function of iCloud! And you don't need to access the iPad from the Mac to get to your iCloud files.
I do use iCloud for files, notes, contacts, calendars ... Let me elaborate ...

I handle finances from my Mac. Occasionally I have to prepare a paper deposit slip with dozens of check entries. The Calculator app does have a paper tape "feature", but it's useless for this purpose. I presents multiple items per line separated by + signs. Without making an exhaustive search, I have not yet found a Mac app to do what I need.

However, a quick search of the iPad App Store turned up exactly what I want for $4. I would like to open a window on my Mac showing the iPad, run the app there to prepare my tape, and print it (via AirPrint) to the printer beside my Mac.