os 10.2 upgrade or full install?


when i tried to install 10.2 on my g4 cube from what i thought was a full install set of cd's i was surprised to have the installer tell me i couldn't install on any of my partitions because an earlier version of os 10 wasn't already intalled on any of them. do i need to install all the versions of 10 starting with 10.0 in order to get to install 10.2?

Not really. Those update CDs came with/for this Mac, because 10.2 was already announced at the time it was bought. There should be a 10.1 full installation disk with this computer. You simply (well, if you have the disk) install that (disable everything unneeded!) and then boot from the 10.2 disk. You can clean install then, effectively erasing the intermediate 10.1 installation.
thanks, but my computer came with 9 and i don't have any os 10 cd's. do i need to buy an earlier version of 10 (and which version should i buy) to install before i can upgrade to 10.2? do i need to start with 10.0 if there is such a thing?

And just to mention the obvious: If your computer came without an OS X license, you're not entitled to install OS X 10.2 from update CDs - you need a full license. And yes: I'd get Panther (10.3) in that case, too.

I have an ibook G3 366MHz with OS 9 and X 10.1.
Is there any way to upgrade to 10.2 or 10.3 or do I need to buy a full installer?
And by the way, would it work properly with this mac?

Thank you,
10.3 would work fine on that machine, given that you have enough RAM (at least 128MB, more preferred). You will need to purchase a full install set, as I don't know anyone that offers upgrades to 10.3 from 10.1 anymore.
There _NEVER_ were update CDs from 10.1 to 10.3. Update CDs are only given to people who've bought a Mac like 30 days before the next OS' release date. Everyone else needs to buy the full version, which license wise _IS_ an upgrade, since you can't have a Mac without a Mac OS license for all we know.