OS 10.4 on different machines.


I'm new to macs and funnilly enough, i'm in charge of the mac network at the photography studio where i work. i'm wondering if it is possible for me to upgrade all our machines to the same OS. Currently we have a g5 and a powerbook g4 running 10.4, and we also have a dual g4, a g4, a g5, an emac and a couple of other powerbooks running various versions of 10.2 and 10.3. if i want to upgrade these machines to 10.4, so that we're all on the same level, what things could go wrong? what do i need to look out for? is there anything specific that i may need to do to prepare any of these machines for an upgrade? also, do i need to buy individual licenses for each machine?
i know this is a big, long question, but any help anyone could give would be great!
thanks heaps!
You worry too much. Any number of things could go wrong. The chances that anything will go wrong are extremely remote.
As part of a business and for work, you want to go the proper route for licenses on the computers. If you use the online Apple Store for Business their is a license to up to upgrade 9 computers for $129. To get to that small business store (on the Apple Store) just choose the Business name(from the Main menu screen, between Pro and Developer) and there is a link (on the right hand side to the Apple Store for Business (from the Business page).
You'll want to make sure that every machine has at least 768 MB of RAM. Of course you also make sure that every system is correctly backed up before upgrading. You might also want to consider a clean-install instead of upgrading. Although it might take a little more time, it's obviously "cleaner" than the upgrade route.

Either way: There's also the installed (or to be installed) software to be taken care of. Make sure every piece of software, every third party tool, every utility is compatible with Tiger.
thanks guys, thats exactly the kind of advice i'm after. keep it coming if anyone feels there's some other mac-based fundamental a windows user may not be aware of.
I don't know if the following is true with non-classic OS software (OS 10 and above), but if you plan on installing a bunch of software from a broad time scale (some much older, but still functional software, with newer software), then you're going to have to spend alot of time finding out the right order to install everything. Conflicts become an issue and as a resulte, the computer becomes very picky about the order everything is installed. Sometimes a newer program should be installed first, sometimes an older version of the same program that came with the OS disk should be deleated to save space, and sometimes you need to creat a FrankinMac of carefully disected programs that no longer conflict with each other. This is pretty much only a problem though when using really old software with new software and may not even be a problem at all with OS 10.