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Paul C

Hi Guys,

I have an i5 Mac Mini and a 2009 MBP (both running Lion) so I thought I'd download Lion server for the Mac Mini just so I can have a play with a Mac network (my GF also has a MBP (2011 running Lion), I wondered what the opinion was from you guys regards lion server as the reviews on the app store have been very negative and I don't want to waste £34.99 if it's as 'broken' as the reviews say?

Thanks in advance

Paul :)


Six years ago, I bought a G5 quad and added the server OS, for the then cost of $500. It was arguably the most expensive software mistake I have ever made. I assumed I needed it to run my own services - email, DNS, ..., you name it.

I learned the hard way that plain old MacOS X contains all the software needed to do all this stuff. You're buying a GUI for things that come for free. If you understand what you're getting, go for it.

What do you want in your network that you think requires server?


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The integration with Active Directory isn't the best yet.... it all depends what you need the server for. If it's for home use, perhaps the AD integration doesn't have the biggest difference.

Paul C

Hi, I bit the bullet and bought server this evening, I just wondered how I set it up as a mail server and how do I create my mac server mailbox on in mail.app on my MBP (ala exchange and outlook)?




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There are a few things that will make your life much easier when you want to run a mail server from your home (which is what I assume you want to do):

1) A static IP address. Most home-based internet connectivity plans don't have this (DSL/Cable, etc.) but some do -- like AT&T's U-Verse. A static IP address is almost required, but not completely necessary, as there are some workarounds.

2) A domain name associated with the static IP address from #1.

Do you have these things, or are these things something that you can acquire?