Os X - Powermac G5


When I try to boot to numerous cd's/dvd's (10.3 retail, G5 restore disc, 10.0 retail) my G5 freezes right away on the initial Apple (logo) screen. It looks like the apple logo shifts a little to the right and then does nothing. Do you know what may cause this? I made sure that the system has nothing but original components. It does the same thing if I try to boot to disc with no hard drive installed. The only discs I can get it to boot to are an Apple hardware disc (which I ran and everything passed) and a newer G5 restore disc with OS10.4. I was hoping to load 10.3. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
That little shift of the logo, and then stops - that is typical of trying to boot to a disk with a system that is too old. 10.0 is too old. 10.3 will also be too old, if you have a G5 about a year old or less.
Did the G5 restore disk ship with this G5? It will list the operating system version on the label. A G5 about one year old, will need at least 10.3.4. The newest G5 will not work with less than 10.4
What DeltaMac said is correct -- usually, Apple Macintosh machines will accept an operating system no older than the operating system that came pre-installed, with a few exceptions.

If your G5 came with Tiger, then it's probably impossible to get it to accept any sort of Panther install, or any operating system older than Tiger. Your best bet is to use the disks that shipped with the G5 to install/reinstall the OS.