OSX Re-Install fails


Hi all,

I'm currently running Mac OSX 10.6.6 on a MacBook first generation. I bought the laptop on eBay. I recently ordered the Mac OSX Snow Leopard from the official Mac store.

However, the laptop refuses to read and execute the DVD. I can successfully read any other DVD. But the install dvd does not work.

Any idea of how I could fix that?

Thanks for your time.


Can you give us more details about what you mean by "not working?"
Won't boot to the DVD?
The DVD just ejects without letting you do anything?
The install begins, but stops with an error? (what is that error, exactly?)

Do you have another Mac available that you could use to help install OS X to your MacBook?


If other DVDs are reading OK, then maybe you have a faulty DVD. Do you have any other OS X installer DVDs? (that you can insert, even if the DVD is an incorrect version that won't install on your MacBook?), This is just to try a different installer DVD to see if the MacBook will mount the disk without ejecting.
If you restart holding your Option key, so you see the boot picker screen, then insert that DVD, does it also eject on that screen? Or, does the installer icon appear? Or, nothing happens at all, and the DVD is ignored...


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First while logged in put the OS X Disk in and make sure it mounts on your desk. Then it should open a window to start the install. Then OS X install disk will reboot your Mac. Then follow the instructions to do a fresh install (if you have a backup to re-important your data with Migration Assistant).


@Satcomer: the DVD does not mount at all.


- I do not have any other Mac OSX installation DVD to try
- On the boot picker screen, the DVD does not appear at all. It just get ejected. In other words, I put the cd in, the dvd reader makes a lot of noises and ejects it.

I've inserted the DVD into another computer running Ubuntu. Ubuntu successfully mounts the DVD. It names it "Boot Camp", and it contains windows executable files (.exe) for boot camps with its documentation in various languages.


If the DVD is grey, it's a Machine-specific install DVD, and will not work for your machine. If it's Black, it is a generic install DVD which will install on all supported hardware.


A Snow Leopard installer DVD will not be black, so don't get confused about that.
Even a Mac-specific installer should mount, and not just eject after a few seconds.

The SL disk has Windows driver installs for Boot Camp, so that's what ubuntu sees.

Try a drive cleaner DVD, or just a few spurts from a can-o-air into the DVD drive slot.