Paris Expo in September 20th to 24th What's next?


The Paris Expo is coming up any thought as to what steve will show? Tablet Powerbook, The ill fated Powerbook G5(Remember ibm said the G5 chip is small enough and ready to fit into a powerbook..), Video iPod, or nothing at all. Who is going to this by chance? Cause there is a lot of people on these forums in europe anyone plan on attending??? :)
I agree, probably some, or fewer, of: Tablet, G5 PB, ipod range update (possibly video), also maybe something Intel?? I must say, I've no justification/evidence for this, just my instincts.

I'm in Europe (UK), and would love to go, but can't make it - busy time at work, unfortunately!

Naah, Steve said himself no Intel Macs until 2006... :(

Believe me, I'm just as ready to complete this transition as the next guy and want an Intel Mac so badly I can taste it, but it just ain't happening that quick.
I hope Steve Jobs will say again loud and clear that intel Macs are no-go until June 2006. Seems like too many people just don't believe his words anymore. On the other hand, him repeating it won't change that, probably...
Sorry Guys, I guess I got the wrong end of the stick. I thought the story was Intel macs by June 2006, rather than from June 2006.

'Pologies, my bad.

Still lots of other exciting possibilities, though....
I would love a tablet that is basically I wireless tablet/screen for my imac. I really don't need another mac just a portable screen. Possibly the iphone but I hope that happens earlier.
You mean the Motorola iTunes phone? (That's not the same thing. The "iPhone" would be a mobile phone _by_ Apple, rumoured to be an almost PDA-like smartphone...) Yep, that should appear sooner...
My only guess would be news of music videos for sale at the iTunes Music Store and a iPod update to allow them to be played on an iPod.
There was also the rumour of a 2 GB flash-based iPod mini. I'd kinda like the 'real' iPod interface in a flash-based player...