Picasa not restoring after new install ?


hello my macmini 80gb 10.6.8 with snow leopard was running very slow so i did a format and then an install,i had backed up Picasa to an external drive but now when i click on Picasa restore it does nothing,i can see the spinning disk for about 2 hours but no restore,any ideas how i can restore please?
thank you.
Did you have a backup. Did you use /Applications/Utilities/Migration Assistant to restore certain program?
Some apps do not work unless you do an install, rather than drag a copy from back up. Download the app if you don’t have the download anymore and install a fresh copy after you trash the one you grabbed from your backup.
i have downloaded a fresh install of Picasa and moved it to my applications folder,i go to my seagate and click on picasa restore and i get the spinning disk and after about an hour i go to force quit and it says not responding.
is there any other application i can install that will use my picasa restore please ?
thank you.
i have managed to get most of my videos back from a time machine backup i had on a cyclone external drive,but i am still missing some videos of my grandson,i cannot believe that Picasa restore does not work,in future i will just use time machine.
thank you.