PLEASE HELP! Login problems new mac user


My dad got a mac but hardly uses it so gave it to me. i changed the admin user from his to my name but didn't add a password for it. however, when mac went on sleep mode and came back on, the login pic shows my dad's name and asks for a password but his password doesn't work anymore. I have absolutely no idea how to get through or even shut mac down. The only option I see below the small login window is cancel. PLEASE HELP!! I've tried 1234 and 0000 as suggested by someone but that didn't work either. I'm a completely new mac user so I really know nothing.


Based on your description and the subsequent behavior of your computer, my guess is that you did not change anything. This means that your father's user account is still an administrative account. His password is still required to login.


Or, you changed the name of the account incorrectly.
A simple rename of the only account is still not recommended. If you need to change the name to your account, you create a NEW account, named as you like it. Log in to that new account, and transfer what you need from the OLD account. When you have everything that you need, then you just delete the old account.
In your case, you likely changed the name of the user folder, which doesn't accomplish anything (the old account still exists, and re-creates the old account name folder the next time you restart)
And - because you didn't change the password, the password is still linked to the old account, and now has a name/password mismatch - which is probably why the old password no longer works.

If your Mac is more than a couple of years old, Do you still have the original OS X installer DVD?
You can boot to that DVD, and go to the Utilities menu to Change Password on whatever account still is active.