Please help: Unix Executable File



I have searched on this site for similar topics but did not solve my problem.

I have received a CD from a hospital containing images (I'm not sure if they are still photographs or film clippings) of an ultrasound. There are 10 images and they are all called Unix Executable Files.

I have tried opening with quicktime but the message was that quicktime cannot open files in this format. I also saw on a forum that I should change the extension - but I am not sure how to do that. I am quite new to a mac.

I would really like to see the images and learn more about this.

Can someone advise?



Thank you for your offer of help.

If I right click I get the menu which says:
open with
get info
etc etc.

If I try to open a box open with text in saying...

Last login: Sat Jun 16 14:30:03 on ttys000
/Volumes/ETIAM/Images/IM000000 ; exit;
dip-89-129:~ katiestar777$ /Volumes/ETIAM/Images/IM000000 ; exit;
-bash: /Volumes/ETIAM/Images/IM000000: cannot execute binary file

[Process completed]

I have also installed theunarchiver - bit not sure what to do with it - a box came up with various file types that I can select.

The ETIAM folder is the clue!
You have a disk of DICOM medical image files (which makes sense, eh?)
SO, you need software that can view those images.
The main software used for that would be OsiriX (great if you have continuing medical use, as it's nearly $600, although you can download a free demo)
Or, you can also use the great GraphicsConverter app.
Or, here's a dedicated medical image viewer (free), that will let you view your images.