Post your REAL desktop!


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I am currently getting things cleaned up and will be taking a picture soon... but I am curious... what does your REAL desktop look like... as in your computer and desk setup?

How do you like those Sound Stix? Any good?

I am debating on getting those or other 'non eye candy' qualify brand.

i'm not a huge music technology guy, and, admittedly, i purchased them for the eye candy factor. i do know this- they blow my friend's surround sound altec lansings out of the freaking water. they also blow my roomie's aiwa stereo out of the water as well. the isub hits HARD (it's on my desk due to complaints down the hall). i'm very pleased with it... first set of speakers i've owned where i prefer them to my aiwa headphones. and it's fun moving back forth between isticks and built in speakers.
"crappy... good... crappy... good... crappy" ^_^.
Okay... here is is. My desk is still a mess... mainly because I have been cleaning the place out... and too tired to do any more tonight. :)

Yes, the cat has her own cube. Must be NICE!


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Dang admin, hire an intern to clean that shit up!

And boi, please post some pictures of that girl hanging on your wall, she looks HOT! (If thats your sister of something, please don't kick my ass!)

it's my girlfriend, send me your address and i'll come kick your ass. ^_^


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so um yeah, your girlfriend is cute ...

here's my desk. There's actually a bunch more stuff on top now (another CPU to run the scsi scanner, CD burner, and to play starcraft switched to one of my monitors) and I have a small TV underhung above my 2 monitors. Above that you can't see is the VCR with cable amp to send monitor out to local TV and TV in living room along with sound to the boomin stereo.

These pics are old, from when we were just setting up, but I am lazy, so that's all you get. ... and you don't get to see my girlfriend. ;-)

the link shows you around the office, and my house, and attached is one of the pictures from there that is me and my desk cheapass virtual tour


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Theed: your desk looks like an old bunk-bed.

And boi: did you just take that picture of her to put up?

If I ever get my camera back from my brother I will post one.

Here is part of what I have (it circles the room). In all I have 8 Macs (running A/UX 3.0 up to Mac OS X 10.1), 3 Silicon Graphics workstations, 2 Sun workstations, and 3 PCs (2 running Rhapsody DR2 for Intel, the other has both OPENSTEP 4.2 and Red Hat Linux 6.1). The operating systems up on my network right now are Mac OS X 10.1, Rhapsody DR 2, Mac OS 8.1, Mac OS 8.6, A/UX 3.0, Solaris 7 and Irix 6.2. I only turn the monitors of the system that I am actually working with on at any point in time because they generate so much heat.


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so yeah, my desk used to be my friend's loft/desk in college, but really everyone should look at what RacerX has. Total freak! I mean really man. I'm using you as my defense the next time my woman tells me i'm too geeky. Secretly I'm jealous, but again out loud i say FREAK!
The PC is going to another desk soon. ( only used for net meeting at this time)

that is one thing that still lacking in OS X video conference support

My Monitor. This is the original Apple studio display.
A year ago i broke the base and apple replace it with what they had in stock ( translucent based)

Lucky me the new look with the translucent based and dark gray front is a perfect match to the G4 color :)


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Dang !!!! :eek: !!!!
I need to post my pics here :p he he
OK tomorrow my work set up
the day after that, my home set up lol.

Racer X, nice setups -- You da man ;-) (watch the movie called "pi" though... you dont want your home to look like that one u ???:confused: he he :) )

My place WOULD like like Racers, but I dislike clutter and find that I *really* don't have use for older machines. Thus... I try to sell stuff... in fact, I finally just got rid of my old Powerbook 3400c... and soon a home for my G3/300.

After I discovered USB KVM switches... my life's clutter factor has went down considerably. :)

I'll get a pic of mine as soon as I'm done moving .. what a pain in the butt this turning out to be!

Oh yeah, and goooooo D-Backs! :D