Post your REAL desktop!

Sorry everything's so dim, but I didn't want to wash out Old Glory.
My printer is to the right, and there's an iSub in the darkness under the desk.



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Hey all,

Here's my humble desktop at home...

2 laptops, and a 6500 running yellow dog.

Note the habanero plant on the back wall...

If you'd like some hot peppers just drop a line :D


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Originally posted by theed
... Total freak! I mean really man. I'm using you as my defense the next time my woman tells me i'm too geeky. Secretly I'm jealous, but again out loud i say FREAK!

Actually, when my girlfriend (now wife) let me do this, that was when I knew we were going to get married (that was our living room).

I still need to see "pi", everyone tells me to see that movie for some reason.

The clutter is for two reasons: 1) it was less expensive to set up a network of large numbers of older systems than newer ones, and other than speed, I can recreate most problems that I find on my client's networks (I was really hoping that you could network VPC4 environments all inside your Mac, but they go to sleep when you move from one to another :( ), and 2) I name all my systems, which makes it hard to just "sell" any of them. They all do something unique for the most part.

Plus it is cool showing people what a Mac could do 10 years ago (like the 3 monitors on the Quadra, though back then it would have cost about $19,000 for that complete set up).
When is your birthday ? :p
Maybe we can send "pi" to you as a present he he :)

As for the networking, I personally would like a hardaware setup because you can simulate "stupid mistakes" like bad connections which cant be done with software :)

Two days before yours.

Your right, having the hardware end covered is very important when troubleshooting.
You're a december child too :eek:!!
Dang :p I am losing my originality :p

(on an aside note, I met this very nice looking girl once that as born the same day, same year as I, except that I am 2 hours older he he he)

muahahhaha, my dorm


here's a before shot -

and here's my
DooBall's How-To Kick your ghey dorm desk's ass
went to their new york show a couple saturdays ago, was so rox0r... noone knew wtf basement jaxx was, so their were no posers, which equals, no lame teenie bopper crowd waving their poser glow sticks. (what a relief)

then stopped by vinyl, nyc for the cd release party for sandra collins, cream. it was such a good night :cool:
Here is my real Desktop. Just changed my Pismo with this neat TiBook 667. 10.1 is blazing fast with on this sweet, speedy thing with its 512 Ms of RAM. On the right you see my girlfriend's iMac, which she absolutely loves (every day I tell her to switch to OS X, but she is happy with what she has got). This is not my only workplace, thank Apple for Airport. I really much like the clean design and the phat sound of the Sound Sticks connected to my small titan beast.



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nah, i took the picture awhile ago, but it has been on my digicam for awhile. i just now decided to upload it.
My desktop about 1 year ago... Kinda crappy lookin eh?


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Well it lacks some things, like my Soundsticks and it's even more of a mess right now, but here it is.


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excuse the poor quality of the pic. it's a frame grab from my DV Camera.


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Just you guys wait till I get the digital camera out!!!

I can give a shot of my dorm room, and one of my station at home. heh you guys don't know what a mess is!

PS: Expect an ansi terminal, two monitors, a sparc 10.....
I am officially a Macintosh uber-geek/loser. I just read every single one of these posts, and I loved it. It's tough being a Mac user sometimes, and it's nice to see enthusiasts entertaining other geeks/enthusiasts. Did I spell enthusiasts correctly? I haven't access to a digital camera, but just like my gut, I'm working on it.


DooBall, I think one of my friends from school was at that Basement Jaxx show. If you haven't heard it, check out their 1999 BBC essential mix. Mind blowing. Mind Blowing I say. won essential mix of the year.