Printer Scanner Users Rally to ME!!!

Doctor X

So I was happy with my HP Laser Jet 3055 for a few years. Since I upgraded--finally--to Mountain Lion, I find out that, guess what? The scanner does not work.
This has been confirmed by HP--they do not have a driver for it nor do they plan to have one.

I can happily still print--and will. However, I would like to be able to scan. As I searched catalogs and used t3h G00gl3 I find a number of options, but I am concerned that drivers will not be supported in, like, a year.

Thus I figured I would ask fellow Mac users for recommendations? My Mac specs are as in my signature.

Primarily I print black and white--papers written, papers received. For the few times I use color, I can pay for the individual printing. So color printing is not a "must have."

Suggestions? ::ha::

According to their support page, it only works on Windows, not Mac.

This is the same as my Kodak printer/scanner. I've resorted to using Apple's own 'Image Capture'. It works well.
Image capture will show that at first. My Kodak will show up on the left. Click it, and Image Capture will start.

If your HP will not show on the left column, try going to the 'Help' menu.
None of that shows up.

Here is a screen capture:Printer.jpeg

As you can see, there is no "select scanner" on right and there is nothing listed under Devices that I can "click."

I'll try ONE LAST TIME. We're not talking about your print prefs. Image capture is an application included with your system at least since 10.6. It is still included in 10.8.3--i checked.

Look in your Applications folder (maybe Utilities folder on yours) and find Image Capture.

Here is a brief discussion from Apple's forums:
@SGilbert - - If you look again at the screen shot that Doctor X posted, you'lll notice that the Image Capture window is showing _behind_ the printer pref window, displaying that left column in Image Capture that you mention.
You can't see the window title, but that IS the Image Capture window...

Huh! Of course, I could not find that page when I first searched on this topic. The original page for my model gave sort of a "Mac User? HA!HA!HA!" disclaimer, but my model is listed in your page. *Scratches Head*

I will try that out! :)

That IS what I just experienced. Why I try these things on clones. Trying to upgrade the firm ware "bricked" the printer until I force-printed. Do not ask me how I did that! Anyways, I may be scrod in that respect.

I believe I may cross HP off of "The List" of scanner/printers.

Or . . . perhaps I should just get a scanner?:cool: