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I have a HP Laserjet 1200 and an Epson Photo Stylus R380. Both are linked to MAC G5 (Not dual intel) via a USB Hub. Tech tool Pro is sending a diagnostic message (-63) about "folder count" and I also get an error message of (-50) when I try to load a printer from the printer listing.

Everything is hooked up properly.....everything worked prior to disconnecting the entire system for painting. When I hooked it all back up --- no printers! They were there but would not print......I hit reset and poof there were no printers. The printer dialogue said "no printers available." I have since reloaded drivers but still cant print.

I succeeded in getting the printers to show up, but when I select goes to print, but then it almost immediately goes to stop the print list is shows each printer as stopped.

Do I need to reset PRAM?


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Well I see the problem as being multimode. You did not give us what the G5 is running (OS X version) and if your USB hub is powered or not (that does make a difference). So YES please do the reset pram procedure. Plus make sure you USB hub is powered. Then download Print Therapy (for OS X10.5.x) or Printer Setup Repair (for 10.4.x) and i know they are shareware but they have a 7 day trial period and the programs will fix you underlining printing problem.

Lastly did the printers ever show up in CUPS? which version of CUPS are you running?


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CUPS is built-in to MacOS X for most of this decade. The OP should not install a downloadable version unless his computer does not have it preinstalled.

Yes it is but the 10.5.5 update turns off CUPS but the program I listed turn it back on (with a simple button push). However Apple does update CUPS between versions of CUPS so some Mac users update CUPS themselves. In updating CUPS it turns CUPS off and a Mac user must turn it back on.

Note: for a usable easy Universal binary for CUPS visit iDisk download page.
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