Recharging an iPod mini using USB1.1

Ceroc Addict

Ok, I've just got a new iPod mini and they don't come with power bricks anymore.

How long should it take to fully charge the mini using USB1.1?

About 6 hours on a fully-powered USB 1.1 port, give or take a few hours. Mine's been known to charge for 8 hours on FireWire, so it wouldn't surprise me if you saw 8 hour charge times.
Apple says 4 hours for a full charge. I would assume that the kind of USB would not be relevant since they both pull the same power.
Thanks to everyone who replied.

I've now got a fully charged iPod mini (couldn't say how long it actually took - just left it on the Powerbook while I was asleep) and I'm a happy camper.