Recognizing a "foreign" HD device for Norton Disk Doctor


I recently got Norton Systemworks, and it's not recognizing my hard drive.
Here's my backstory:
• It's a secondhand PowerBook G4
• The previous owner told me about the HD upgrade he had done
• Installation was done by a 'qualified' friend, I think

I'm guessing that there's some disconnect with the DIY installation and Norton not being able to detect it.

Is there a way to establish the device as the default/recognizable device?
Thanks for any help you can provide.


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The problem is not the computer, it is Norton. It is criminal it still being sold since is caused so MANY headaches for OS X users it was discontinued over a year ago.


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In other words, get rid of Norton as soon as you can. It will do nothing but cause more problems with your computer.


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I couldn't agree more...send Norton to the trash can (on the computer and in your house).


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Alternatives that do what? What was your reason for wanting Norton (the features you wanted)?