Reimport messages saved as RTF (RTFD) into


I needed to temporarily remove some email messages from and so I went to's file menu, chose Save As..., saved as rich text format (resulting in an RTFD file), and deleted those emails from

When I was ready to put those emails back into, I discovered that while readily exports to RTF, there appears to be no way to reimport them.

Is there some way to do this? I scanned the net and was unable to find anything. <a href="">Another post on this website</a> dealt with the same issue, but there was no response there.

I was looking around for some way to convert the RTFD file into anything I can use... MBOX, raw format, etc., but was unable to come up with anything useful.

Please let me know if you know of any way to return these wayward messages back to where they belong.


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Actually it is pretty easy... this is what you do:
  1. Open the RTFD document in TextEdit.
  2. Once opened, go to the Edit menu down to Select All.
  3. Go to the TextEdit menu down to the Services menu to the Mail menu and click on Send Selection. This will open a new email in Mail.
  4. Save the new email as a draft (giving it the same subject it originally had).
  5. Now move the message out of the Drafts folder within Mail to what ever folder (even the inbox) you have for those saved messages.
That is pretty much it. If you don't like the Services method, Copy-Paste will work just as well.


The problem with that method is that the sent/received data does not show up in the columns. It will show up as a draft made the day you made it but never sent. Do you know a work around for that?


Which problem are you having? Same as Post #1? (How to re-import removed email messages?)
Or, same as post #3 (how to get imported messages to appear as either received or sent.
You might be able to do something with third-party app that is designed to work with mail documents, such as

or maybe:
Those saved emails would probably need to be in an mbox format, or a format that is actually a recognized mail message format (.rtfd is probably not one of those formats (?)

If you used some software to export those emails, then what about that software (whatever it was). Maybe you can use the same software to re-import into your Mac Mail.