remaining reasons for forcing us back into OS 9?

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Well I'm almost there, how about yourself?

I mean what exactly is stopping anyone from staying inside OS X permanently?

My main 3 excuses for returning to Nineville are:

1) iRez Kritter Webcam, I have emailed them and they tell me drivers X are on the way.
2) Unreal Tournament. I read somewhere that someone is finally bringing this to X.
3) Burning, well Toast Preview 1 worked for pre X.1 and I hear that a 2nd preview version will be available as early as today.

Well that's about it. Wow.

[Oh one more thing I have an Epson 1290 printer. It's a new model I believe, I wonder if anyone knows if I can use this to print in OS Ex/Ten Point One?]

So what are your excuses for booting into 9, let's hear them, including you old timers who just don't want to change and adapt to the 21st Century Hey that was meant to be a joke! @@

Note: it is very easy to use the likes of Photoshop and Illustrator in Classic. very very easy with hardly any noticable difference than actually running them raw in 9ville. so what are your ABSOLUTE NECESSARY reasons for going downstairs, counting backwards, downgrading to 9?
The only thing stopping me from using osx all the time is that my Alcatel Speed Touch USB ADSL modem doesn't work in osx, but I think they are making new drivers for it :)

And when that is done, OSX here I come :cool:
Heh, MacMAME gets me booting back into 9. I can't function with the keyboard in some of those games, I gotta be able to use my USB controllers. (Same goes for some other emulators I have, but mostly MacMAME :D)

Hmm, also things that have to be installed in 9 are a pain - just had to reboot into 9 last night to apply ATI's flash ROM update for my retail Radeon. Hopefully these companies get with the program and make stuff that will work in OS X!
I have to boot in to 9 avery time I want to watch a friggin' DVD. Stupid Apple, not supporting hardware based DVD decoding. Hopefully one of the forthcoming updates will fix me up. Once that's done, I'm just waiting for OSX versions of Canon's scanner driver, Office for OSX, and a chance to run out and buy Quicken for OSX, and I won't even have to start up Classic from within OSX any more. Ooooh, will that be a happy day!
No audio apps work. Propellerheads Reason, and Steinberg Cubase.

Also printing to Laserjet 5L or 4V. Works fine in 9.
I'm still waiting for an OS X native version of the Palm Desktop. I use Pocket Quicken to sync my Quicken data.

Went out an bought Quicken 2002. Love it. Now Palm need to get off there butts and do something :mad:

Once that is finished, I plan on kissing Mac OS 9.2.1 goodbye :D
- Lack of native printing support Canon BJC-3000 (14 months old)

- Lack of DVD support (B/W G3) (14 months old)

- Lack of drivers for Orange Micro Grappler SCSI

- Probable lack of support for whatever OEM CDRW is hidden inside my external SCSI CDRW case (much older, but worked fine under 9.x)

But gosh at least my digital camera works now.

As a designer I need to have image edit and vector based software such as Photoshop, Illustator etc...

As a Interactive designer I need to have Flash, director, etc...

As a Professional designer I need to have all kind of program such as 3D, video editing, etc....

Anybody has a solution for me? :confused:
The following things keep me using OS 9 :mad:

My Agfa scanner (I am aware of NO OSX software that will allow me access to it)
MS Office
A handful of games
Palm OS
Microtech USB Cameramate (reads smartmedia cards - no OSX driver)
RealPlayer (what is UP with this?!? They REALLY need to get a native OSX version out there)
A decent WYSIWYG web page editor (No, I'm decidedly NOT interested in writing HTML code by hand.)
Printing! My wonderful Epson Photo 870 still isn't supported by 10.1, and Epson is foot dragging on this issue! The drivers site for this printer,, says that Epson "hopes" to provide drivers for OS X! Well, folks, guess what; it's here, and you can bet your sweet bippy that Epson knew about it before we did, so why the wait? HP and Lexmark have released drivers for non current printers! Please join me in e-mailing He's a VP of Marketing at Epson (got his name from a news story), I e-mailed him a couple of months ago, and tech support replied with the list I referenced above. Perhaps Epson just needs a little more gentle prodding to remind them that they can't afford to ignore their customers! :mad:
well, the fact that apple should state: "don't use os x with a g3"
everything short of using the internet in os x blows for me. upon switching to 10.1, wolfenstein gave me 10 fps. (not like the 20 i was getting before were much better). quake blows on fps as well. bryce runs slower. virtual pc is unusable. absolutely everything i try to do on os x is slower than on os9. sure on my friend's 867 everything is zippity doo dah. everything is fast on his. but on my "barely clinging to the edge" powerbook, os x is absolutely horrible. i'd hate to see the iBook running os x with its slow bus speed... aren't those supposed to ship with x sometime soon? apple should get real with their system requirements and quit being so hopeful. they say that it'll run on a g3 500, but what do they care? you know none of them is using one. they just care about the high end models.
Running PS under Classic is a joke. Can't get more or less than 350MB RAM to it. Otherwise, the app with quit and crash during launching :mad:

Final Cut Pro
Can't launch under Classic at all :mad:
only one reason, but a big one: logic audio. emagic have announced an os x upgrade, hopefully soon to come ...
also, my epson sc 670 won't print under os x, so i have to print in classic ...
I still cannot find our whether the following can be supported in OSX:

1) Agfa Snapscan 1212U (& Scanwise software)
2) SONY USB memory stick reader

Anybody can help ?
1. Printing - I have an HP 940c with the JetDIrect 175x print server - AppleTalk printing not supported on HP drivers (but planned)
2. Scanning - No drivers from UMAX for their scanners (6400 FireWire scanner)
3. Games - No drivers for the JoyPort USB adaptor
4. TV - No drivers for my ProTV card
5. Music on wireless headphones - no playthrough for input sound on the iMic (griffin says it is planned)
Photoshop in Classic is efficient for me.
Not as snappy as in OS 9 but totally bearable and I use it this way all the time.
Illustrator 9 is fine in Classic also. Of course Photoshop 7 will be the big one!
Dreamweaver is fine.

Basically any app that doen't work at all in OS X and forces me to reboot into 9 that I can think of off the top of my head right now is CoolCam 2. Being the only app that doesn't work at all in X meaning I get a black screen instead of a live cam pic from my USB Kritter.

Unreal Tournament just has to run in 9 no question at this stage and I wish they had ported this earlier as opposed to Quake.

I still haven't tried printing from my A3 Edge To Edge Epson 1290 in TEN.1 which is supposed to be a new printer (only a month old for me) but not well documented (uk model of the 1280 I am wondering?).

I am very satisfied :cool:
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