Hi all,

Hope someone can shed some light on this for me.

I use mac mail and the new mountain lion apple reminders alot, and I have by some random chance accidentally managed to remove some important reminders that had some password information in them.

I use time machine and was wondering rather than rolling back to a couple of weeks ago when it happened, can I roll back just the reminders, if so which file would I roll back and where would it be.

Thanks in advance.
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Ignore this -- thought I was giving useful information, but it's not pertinent to the issue OP is talking about. Sorry!

Reminders should work the same -- they still use special IMAP folders/messages on your email server (all behind-the-scenes stuff), but in Mountain Lion, instead of using the Mail application to create and manage them, you use a separate application called "Reminders" to create and manage them.

Nothing's changed, you just use a separate app outside of Mail to work with reminders now.