Replacing the HDD on my Macbook Air


Hello guys, i'm about to replace the hdd by a new one and I want to be shure about the compatibility.
The original is a Samsung 80Gb / 4200rpm
Rev.A 2008.03
SEC HS082HB (B) S/N: S1BPJ16Q326256

The new one:

Samsung 160GB/5400rpm/8M/PATA

Can you please tell me that it's gonna be ok???
Thanks a lot!
I can not say for sure, but I do not believe it is enough that it has PATA connection, the MBA (at least the earlier revisions) needs a special ZIF connector.

I am also currently shopping for a new disk to my revA MBA. My main worry is the speed. I have replaced the opriginal disk and while it got me some more room (80 -> 120), it somehow felt a lot slower. The RPM was probably the same (the original disk had 4200 RPM) but I can see that some of the disk that I currently find on eBay seems to have less buffer (2 Mb vs the 8 Mb in the original).

Please keep us posted on your findings.

I can post the 'findings'...
Before this thread goes too far - the OP is asking about replacing the original 1.8-inch PATA drive, and has located a 2.5-inch hard drive, which will not fit...