Safari 4 final - i miss the top-tabs!


It is an odd thing, I hated them at first, the way the tabs were at the top of the window, but I got used to it real fast. Also it saved a little screen space, which is precious on my 13" macbook.

Now back to the 'normal' tab display it looks...wrong.

What do you folks think? Any chance they will reintroduce it as an option? Or is it there and I've just missed it?


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wait, so safari 4 final doesnt have the tab's on the top of the screen? If thats so i dont think ill be doing that update :)


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I was wondering what happened to the Chrome-ish tabs on Safari. I installed the 4.0 Final yesterday to get a feel for that, but it just looked like the regular titlebar with the tabs in Safari 3.x and earlier. Ah well, no loss for me...I was never a fan of that anyway. But it would have been interesting to finally try out and see what the fuss was all about. :p

All in all, it felt really smooth. I've always opted for Firefox even on my iMac G5 since Safari 3.x and earlier never really did anything for me. However, I have to say that this 4.0 version is really slick. I especially like the Top Sites feature.


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4.0 is, indeed, slick!

JavaScript speed is absolutely amazing. We have some pages on our corporate website that are extremely JavaScript-heavy (Google maps with overlaid polygons, markers, etc.), and the speed is phenomenal. It makes Firefox look like IE 4.

That's the biggest plus for me.


I was just hoping that they would make it an option so I didn't have to jump through hoops.


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I particularly still miss the loading bar. I hate this little thing that just pops up and says "loading", there is almost no point to it.