Safari and flash player quiting unexpectedly no flash viewing or sound other problems


Recently i've been getting a message that the flash player is quiting unexpectedly I can't play anything sound or video from flash type like youtube or soundcloud. I've looked for extra plug ins and ad ons I'm not shure if there some there I can't find. I ran disk utility comes back (ie) permission verifications complete but what's odd is it used to say this "appears to be ok" I don't see any of the green or red lettering when it would go through process just "permission verifications complete" etc. I don't really have the time to try to hunt for the problem, can I reinstall snow leopard without losing files 10.6 does not have archive and install. Or any other thoughts appreciated I have not a external drive of any kind at moment so I can't back up. Thanks.
I did this exactly just right it did'nt work , then it worked for a min then I get the error box again now it's not working at all. Do you think a reinstall will help this ? The Mac is running a little slow or jammed up at times not like it used to be. I also have had the same message for safari and one time trying to install directly from the retail disc when trying from desktop. I just don't won't to do a fresh install and lose my files I don't have anything to back up right now 10.6 does'nt have archive and install. Thanks.
First open System Preferences->Flash pane, Advanced mini-button and delete all the Flash cookies. See if this helps.
another suggestion:
Quit Safari
Go to your user/Library folder, then the Preferences folder. Delete the file:
Launch Safari.
try some site that offers Flash...
If your ONLY symptom is that flash sites cause your Safari to unexpectedly quit, then (with the great reliability :D of Flash these days) run the flash uninstaller, double-check that your flash installer is up-to-date, and install it again.

You could also try a typical flash site with Google Chrome (which has flash built in to the browser)