Safari and GMail


For reference, I'm running 10.4.1. I'm not sure if the problem I'm about to state exists in previous versions of OS X or Safari, so I'll tell it as I see it.

I like to use the web interface for GMail. The problem is, I hate how GMail can command focus when I have multiple tabs open. That is, I can type in hit enter, go to a tab that has these forums open and when GMail gets done loading Safari switches back to the GMail tab automagically.

I HATE that!

Who do I get on the horn to make this stop? Drives me batty.
I don't think it has anything to do with cookies...

AFAIK, there's no way to use Gmail without that obnoxious behavior. You should email Google about it.

I suppose you could also try to get Apple to add an option to Safari that would prevent javascripts from changing window/tab order, but I really don't think that's gonna happen.
It seems to be a Safari issue though. It doesn't happen with Firefox. Wouldn't that make it a browser issue?

Satcomer -
1.) Thanks for that oh-so-useful advice.
2.) Cookies? Another well thought out response.
Try disabling JavaScript momentarily in Safari's preferences, and see if it still occurs... who knows? Gmail may not even work without JavaScript, but it would sure prevent those pesky, unwanted tab-switches.
There is a "standard html view" that you can use if you turn off javascript. And sure enough, it gets rid of the annoying tab switching. But, if you use gmail (web-wise) you would probably know that the interface is the only reason to use it. In my opinion, it is very well done.

In any event, it seems that the problem has at least been narrowed down. Thanks for the help!